As oppose to the Rock Climbing the Rappelling is a process of descending, Rappelling is also as serious business as Rock Climbing and most of the Champs make mistakes during descending. Here mentioning about the Figure of Eight, Mittens Etc. besides the Items mentioned in Rock Climbing shall be justifiable in context of Rappelling or Abseiling.

Rappelling is a much safer adventure sport than mountain climbing and anyone with usual strength can participate in this activity. This sport is without any danger and upper body strength is not necessary to enjoy this sport.

Mountaineering in India was introduced by the Europeans in the 18th century. It was the time when new regions were either explored or conquered. Mountaineering as an adventure sport at this time was just taking shape. But later on, mountaineering became a serious business and man’s quest to conquer new heights took him close to many high peaks around the world. This quest for challenging the might of mountains and the curiosity to explore what lies in the upper reaches of snow capped peaks has virtually made man a conqueror. Today there is experience to an adventure sport lover. The Himalayas that stretch from north-west of India to far north-east offers a number of high rise peaks that are considered ideal for mountaineering. Some of the wonderful places for mountaineering in India are Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas in Uttaranchal, Kullu valley and Lahul Spiti in Himachal Pradesh.

Finally, when it comes to hitting the road to a mountain or a peak, there are certain basic facts that need to be followed. It is ideal to get the medical fitness done before you embark on your journey. Know how to handle high-altitude sickness and use of first aid box in case of emergency. Take all precautions to avoid snow blindness, sun burning and frostbite.

Summer is the best time for mountaineering. At a time when mercury rise in the plains, the high-rise mountains in the Himalayas offer cool climes. The detailed itinerary can be requested.

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